OneNote Education Partners
OneNote Class Notebook has LMS integration with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and assignment/grade distribution via the Class Notebook Add-in in partnership with the following partners.

For LMS or SIS partners interested in exploring Class Notebook assignment and grade integration, please visit our MSDN Class Notebook API Guidelines article. If you want to reach out directly, contact us to learn more.
Aequitas Solutions, Inc. is a leader in innovative K-12 student management systems. Its mission is to challenge the K-12 industry by providing next generation student management solutions that push traditional SIS boundaries. Q, its highly successful solution features a full-featured student information system (SIS), innovative tools, and proactive data analysis allowing educators to more fully focus on the individual education of and constantly changing needs of students.
Aeries Student Information System delivers comprehensive solutions that incorporate multiple technologies to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of schools, districts, and educational agencies. Aeries Software provides portals for site/district administrators, teachers, parents and students, along with dynamic analytics dashboards, online enrollment, and enhanced parent communications. Aeries currently services 2.8 million students and over 130,000 educators.
At Blackbaud, we understand the challenges private schools face today and are uniquely positioned to deliver a school a future when-at any given moment-a student can be checking homework assignments, teachers can be logging grades, parents can be paying their bills, school staff can be performing an array of administrative functions with ease, and so much more-all from within one modern, cloud-based, fully connected system.
A global leader in education technology, D2L is the creator of Brightspace, the world's first truly integrated learning platform. D2L's open and extensible platform is used by more than 1,100 clients and almost 15 million individual learners in higher education, K-12, healthcare, government, and the enterprise sector. Their solution integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive, Mix and OneNote.
With 99.9% uptime, Canvas is the most usable, customizable, adaptable, and reliable learning platform. It has been adopted faster, and is used in more ways, by more users, than any other LMS. See how Canvas makes teaching and learning easier for everyone.
Capita SIMS
Capita SIMS, the MIS of choice for over 21,000 schools. Connect your OneNote class notebook to SIMS Assessment for easy review of assignment grades alongside other contextual information held within your MIS. Supporting schools however they choose to assess.
Classe365 provides a unified Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions on a single cloud platform to any type of academic institutions. Now forged with Microsoft Office365 integration, the platform provides endless possibilities for education institutions to collaborate with teachers, students and parents. Classe365 now adds OneNote to the list of Office365 supported platforms including Outlook, Calendar, OneDrive, SSO, Skype for Business and Yammer.
Classter is an end-to-end school management system, suitable for any type of academic institution. It is fully integrated with Office 365. By using OneNote, the collaboration between students and teachers becomes easier than ever before. Create your personal notebook, organize your lessons, assign duties, communicate, collaborate, and motivate your students anytime, from any device.
Cloud Classroom
BFC Networks has created Cloud Classroom -- your all-in-one assignment tool integrated with Office 365. Create your classroom in the cloud, assign work to your students, and monitor or comment in real time. Share class materials using OneNote Class Notebook, and do it all in the browser.
Edmodo is a global education network that provides communication, collaboration, and training tools to enable all learners to reach their full potential. With more than 62 million users across 370,000+ schools worldwide, Edmodo was designed to protect the privacy of students and teachers by providing a secure platform in which they can connect and share resources, leveraging both educational content and apps.
Edsby is an innovative, cloud-based platform purpose-built for K-12 that incorporates learning management, data aggregation and insightful analytics. Edsby gives school districts, regions or national governments better student, teacher and parent engagement, improved educational outcomes and new insight into educational effectiveness.
EDUonGo allows anyone to launch an online academy or course in minutes. EDUonGo students can easily export lessons to their own notebooks. This makes it easy for students to take notes and share with others. Students can also connect to their OneDrive accounts. As teachers, you can create a new Class Notebook and grade the students' works. Teachers can include videos from Office Mix in their lessons.
Edupoint's Synergy® Education Platform is a fully-integrated student data and learning management solution for K-12, with Synergy SIS, the industry's most powerful student information system, Synergy LMS for learning management and assessment, and Synergy SE for comprehensive special education management. Thousands of schools nationwide choose Synergy Education Platform to support more than 3.75 million students.
Engrade is a learning management and assessment solution from McGraw-Hill Education that unifies the digital learning ecosystem, bringing together people, curriculum, and assessments into a single-sign on, cloud-based platform. School districts rely on Engrade to enable data-driven personalized learning, connecting students with the instruction they need, when they need it.
The eSchoolData student information system is the cornerstone of one of your district's most valuable resources: data. eSD's robust design and ease of use enables users to securely access, manage, and analyze a variety of data to inform instruction and policy.
Finalsite has grown to be a leader in education, serving more than 1,500 schools and over 1,100 clients world-wide. Our web software, award-winning design, time-saving integrations and expert consulting services provide schools with a complete platform for telling their story online. Our online learning, communications and enrollment platform facilitates the distribution of digital content across school communities via proprietary, SaaS-based software accessible through desktops and mobile devices.
Firefly Learning
Firefly makes it simple to set homework, track progress, share resources and engage parents. Bringing together teachers, students and parents, Firefly helps save teachers time, helps students learn more independently and collaboratively and allows parents to be involved with their child's education. Firefly integrates seamlessly with Office 365.
Focus School Software offers a fully integrated, web-based, comprehensive SIS solution that supports school districts of any size in their daily management requirements. The Focus Solution is a student-centric SIS that allows administrators, teachers, parents, and students to focus on what matters-a quality education that prepares students to excel in today's competitive global community.
Google Classroom
Google Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. It is available to anyone with Google Apps for Education, a free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive and Docs. With this integration, teachers can map their class notebooks to Classroom courses, and automatically sync assignments and grades from OneNote to Google Classroom.
Haiku Learning
Haiku Learning is a learning platform exclusively for K-12 that powers learning for nearly 3 million students across the globe. Its simple, drag and drop interface makes it easy for everyone to learn, its flexibility makes it appealing for all grades and teaching styles, and its powerful integrations with leading cloud services keep your digital ecosystem securely connected.
Haldor supports the work of teachers and students in Office 365. By creating workplaces for courses and classes, teachers can extend the physical classroom to the virtual world. Teachers can prepare students for lessons/classes by recording information beforehand or recording lessons so students can take part of them afterwards. Assignments are all handled in the platform and the teacher can work with students all through the assignment process.
Infinite Campus
The Infinite Campus SIS combines embedded LMS functionality with connectivity to third party tools providing schools with unparalleled instructional options and administrative control. Infinite Campus is an IMS Global Contributing Member and its SIS is both OneRoster and LTI certified. Managing 7.8 million students across 45 states, Infinite Campus is the most trusted name in student information.
InfoMentor offers a Mastery Learning Management system that is based on a proven processes of planning, assessing and analyzing student work. InfoMentor builds on a pedagogical foundation and provides schools the ability to work with their own bespoke curriculum to drive student engagement and teacher productivity.
The groundbreaking, cloud based Learn ecosystem from IST is promising to be an established favorite amongst schools. Unite the very best educational tools from Microsoft on a strong base of homegrown solutions like our Plan&Assess application. Microsoft is certainly a world leader when it comes to provision of modern communication and productivity tools. Like the O365 package, the OneNote ClassNotebook and Teams. Learn More!
The goal of itslearning is to offer the best learning platform to millions of users world-wide. It offers quick and easy integration with OneNote Class Notebook and Office Mix in the cloud. It offers more options for teachers to use OneNote to support whole class collaborative learning and assessment, with grades returned straight into the itslearning grade book. Getting started is easy.
Jasperactive is the world's first fully kinesthetic learning solution for Microsoft Office. Jasperactive finds a learners' baseline skillset in Microsoft Office and provides a fully measured, live-in-application learning experience. Jasperactive teaches to the Microsoft Office Specialist global standard and also provides the ability for teachers to control the instructional design of what students learn, including the ability to assign projects in a variety of school subjects.
LMS365 Cloud
LMS365 Cloud, together with the OneNote Class Notebook add-in, enables teachers and course administrators to create Class Notebooks for each student, and create assignments in OneNote Class Notebook and LMS365 Cloud simultaneously. Assignments can be marked and graded inside the OneNote Class Notebook, which in turn will automatically update the assignments in LMS365 Cloud.
Making Office 365 educationally relevant, the LP+365 App is a simple and intuitive LMS that is immediately usable in the classroom. LP+365 helps schools deliver success by encouraging students to learn, share and develop together. LP+365 places all your learning tools, like Class Notebook, Assignments etc. on one dashboard, accelerating student learning in a digital environment, that is relevant, current and interactive.
LiveGrades provides teachers with a web-based tool for grade assessment and communication. With supplemental modules for attendance, discipline, data storage, questionnaire development and learning objectives, teachers can customize gradebooks to meet every day needs. LiveGrades is always available, offering accuracy and dependability; providing maximum communication between teachers, parents and students.
MyRo Online
MyRo Online is a platform focused on secondary schools. It reports the evaluation of students, provides communication, exchanges documents, schedules meetings between parents and teachers. Accounting facilities keep track of student related costs and report them to the parents. It consists of a web platform together with apps running on major OSes.
Moodle is the world's open-source learning platform used by schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors world-wide in over 100 languages. With a highly customizable toolbox of features for teachers, administrators and students, including strong companion apps for mobile use, it can be used for any scenario ranging from highly-structured training to more open collaborative spaces, in fully online or blended scenarios.
NEO By Cypher Learning
NEO is a world-class, award-winning learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities. The platform is known for delivering a great user experience while incorporating all the essential tools schools need to support effective teaching and learning. NEO helps schools manage all classroom activities, such as creating and delivering educational content, assessing students, tracking student achievement, and promoting communication and collaboration between students and faculty.
Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM platform, OneWorldSIS is cost effective, easy to implement and allows Higher, Executive, Continuing and K-12 educational institutions the ability to manage the complete student lifecycle on one flexible, powerful and extendable platform. From recruitment to enrollment to program selection to class scheduling to alumni conversion, information is entered once and all activities tracked forever.
PowerSchool is the #1 leading education technology platform for K-12, serving more than 40 million users, 17.5 million students, 31.5 million parents, and 70 countries around the world. We provide best-in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including student information systems, registration and school choice, assessment and analytics, and special education management. We empower teachers and drive student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities, and we engage families through real-time communications across any device.
RedCritter Teacher
RedCritter Teacher encourages learning success in the classroom. Use digital recognition and rewards to engage students and socialize their accomplishments.
Rediker Software provides school management solutions to thousands of schools around the world. Our cloud-based PK-12 student information system helps educators manage student data, attendance, report cards, schedule building, billing, admissions and more. Integrated web gradebooks and parent portals maximize school-to-home communication. We offer experience and outstanding technical support.
Schoolbox is a virtual learning environment (VLE) for K-12 schools. It's a unique all-in-one learning management system (LMS), portal and intranet. Schoolbox is self or cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure. Share, teach and learn online with Schoolbox.
School Bytes
With the School Bytes LMS, teachers can create & grade assignments for their classes using the OneNote Class Notebook add-in, with these changes automatically published back into School Bytes, eliminating the need for manual data-entry. Coupled with our seamless Microsoft Office Online integration, teachers & students will have access to an unified and feature-rich Office 365 experience.
Schoology is the education technology company putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience. Schoology's education cloud connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education, and provides all the tools needed to personalize education and improve student outcomes. More than 12 million people from 60,000 K-12 schools and universities around the world use Schoology to transform how they teach and learn.
Sebit is a multinational e-education content, platforms and solutions provider that comprehensively meets the educational needs of students from primary to high school with operations worldwide. Through the 28 years of experience with continuous research and development in the e-education area, Sebit produces large scale e-education solutions for MoEs, ISPs/Telecoms and schools. Sebit's recent integration of OneNote to its "Sebit VCloud" platform will enable extensive scenarios that educators will benefit the most.
SEQTA is an intuitive, all-in-one teaching and learning ecosystem that connects all members of a school, allowing teachers, students, and parents to work together in an interactive, supportive online community. With over 22,000 primary and secondary teachers using the platform, it's easy to see why SEQTA is the LMS of choice for educators.
With the Skooler LMS tools integrated within Office 365, teachers lives are made easier and students have no excuse for missing assignments. Our unique workflows within the Office 365 apps and our Parent Portal make providing information to parents simple. Add on the local curriculum goals for planning and there's only one choice for teachers - Skooler
Skyward's SIS and ERP solutions are used by more than 1,900 public sector organizations worldwide, from small entities to statewide implementations supporting millions of stakeholders. Through a unique approach that blends thought leadership, best practices, and advanced technology, Skyward is redefining what it means to be a strategic partner in the world of enterprise solutions.
SunGard K-12
SunGard K-12, offers software solutions for the management of student information, assessment and curriculum, special education, and financial and human resources. eSchoolPLUS, from SunGard K-12, is a comprehensive student information management solution that provides powerful tools for teachers, administrators, parents, and students.
Teacher Dashboard
Teacher Dashboard turns Office 365 into a powerful, collaborative education tool. With everything in one place, it's easy to distribute, collect, and mark assignments. Access students' OneDrive's, manage homework, and support learning within and outside the classroom. This flexible, intuitive Office 365 application is fun to use, and replaces the need for a dedicated LMS or SMS.
WinjiGo is a learning platform that connects students and teachers. Teachers can apply their pedagogy in WinjiGo using different teaching strategies like flipped, blended and inquiry based learning. WinjiGo provides teachers with gamification tools to foster their students' skills. With OneNote integration, WinjiGo helps teachers address their students' needs in an engaging learning environment.