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Get more out of OneNote with these apps and devices.
Office Lens
Office Lens is like having a scanner in your pocket. Never miss notes on a whiteboard or blackboard, and never look for misplaced documents or business cards, missing receipts or stray sticky notes again! Office Lens makes your pictures magically readable and re-useable. Capture content right into OneNote with automatic trimming and clean up.
Brother Web Connection
Your Brother machine (MFP/Document scanner) can scan images and upload them to OneNote and OneDrive directly without going through a PC.
Students can save their critical homework answers from Chegg Study Q&A to OneNote. It's easy with the OneNote "Clip It" button. From there, you can start organizing your answers by subject, class or assignment and have it all instantly searchable in OneNote. Create the ultimate study guide and share with your classmates.
Save your important emails to OneNote when on the move. With the CloudMagic email app, you can create a Quick Note with a single tap and gather all your important emails in one place. Whether it's an invoice, a recipe or an important customer email, just use CloudMagic's OneNote Card and keep everything with you.
Doxie Mobile Scanners
Doxie is a new kind of paper scanner that's rechargeable, so you can scan documents anywhere - no computer required. Just charge it up and turn it on, wherever you are - insert your paper, receipts, and photos to scan, archive, and share. Doxie scans anywhere, then syncs to OneNote for access to all your scanned documents, on all your devices
Email to OneNote
Capture the things that are important to you while you are on the go by emailing them directly to your notebook! Send documents, notes, itineraries, and so much more to me@onenote.com and we will put them into your OneNote notebook, where you can access them from all of your devices.
Epson Document Capture Pro
Document Capture Pro allows you to easily scan documents, edit pages, save files, and transfer data to the applications scanned with Epson scanners such as the Workforce® DS-30, DS-510, DS-560 and others. What's more, users can scan to OneNote with one touch, to easily access documents from multiple devices or share with others.
Feedly connects readers with the stories and information they're passionate about. Use feedly to discover and follow great content, then save the best articles directly to OneNote with one click.
Genius Scan
Genius Scan is a scanner in your pocket. It enables you to digitize paper documents, create PDF files and immediately store them in OneNote.
IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement - if this then that. Use the OneNote Channel on IFTTT to create and share Recipes that automatically create pages, sync content, and connect over 80 other products and services.
JotNot Scanner
JotNot converts your iPhone into a portable multipage scanner. You can use JotNot to scan documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards and notes into an electronic format. JotNot now offers direct integration with Microsoft's OneNote platform, so you can quickly and easily backup and organize your scans using your OneNote account.
Livescribe 3 Smartpen
With the Livescribe 3 smartpen and Livescribe+ app, simply write on paper and watch everything appear instantly on your mobile device, where you can tag, search and convert your notes to text. You can send everything to OneNote so your handwritten notes and sketches are integrated with the rest of your important information.
Mod Notebooks
Mod is a paper notebook that's accessible from the cloud. Take notes in familiar pen and paper, then have your pages digitized for free. Each page of a completed notebook can be synced to OneNote and saved forever.
NeatConnect transforms paper piles into digital documents and sends them straight to OneNote - without a computer. From any room in your house, or any spot in the office, NeatConnect's Wi-Fi compatibility and touchscreen interface make scanning to OneNote fast and easy so you can save time, taking organization and productivity to whole new levels.
News360 is a free personalized news app that learns what you like and gets smarter the more you use it. With more than 100,000+ sources, there is always something interesting to read, and you can save your favorite stories directly to OneNote with a tap of a button.
Nextgen Reader
A fast, clean and beautiful RSS reader for Windows Phone. Now lets you save articles directly to OneNote. Happy reading!
Capture any email message or file and save it to OneNote - without leaving Gmail! Obindo helps you work more productively by bringing the power of apps like Asana, Box, DocuSign, Dropbox, OneNote, Salesforce, Twitter, and Yammer right into your Gmail inbox.
OneNote Clipper
The OneNote Clipper lets you save webpages from your browser into your OneNote notebooks. In just one click, it helps you capture things quickly and remember more in your life.
Powerbot for Gmail
Save important emails, conversations and attachments to OneNote directly from the Gmail interface. No more jumping back and forth between apps.
Sight lets you clip articles from ANY iOS apps in one snap - just take a screenshot. You can clip recipes, travel destinations, news, tips and all your favorite content easily with Sight. Now with OneNote integration, you can view all your saved articles directly in OneNote. Enjoy reading!
Zapier is the easiest way to connect OneNote with the apps you already use, such as Salesforce, Trello, Basecamp, Wufoo and Twitter. Use this app to backup notes, keep a record of completed tasks or save new contacts, photos, web pages and more.
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